Ivan Novosad

Mgr. Vaclav Hajek PhD

Text from the catalog of the exhibition of paintings in Chodovsk√° fortress 1 July 2008.

In paintings of Ivan Novosad for long time predominate pure colors as certain apotheosis procection and sun. In the begining, the viewer could suppose, that he looks on works from Mediterranean area, due to absence of gray and dark tints, which are from certain time understanded like synonym of provenance of Middleuropean paintings. These are only traditional categories and conventions, which are violated from second half of 20 century in this geographic area as well

Paintings of Ivan Novosad are universal in specific meaning. This "reading" allow for one thing its composition and for another using of characteristic symbols. Komposition is not traditional centripetal and focused into one point or agle view but it enables conversely number of readings and entries into painting.

We can observe paintings from various sides without disturbing its meaning because use inner relations, individual shape comparation and bringing into consonance of painting parts are cardinal. This approach appeal to demarcate inner constellations and it damn its sharp surrounding outer limits (frame, geometric space i.e). Painting space is not divided into conventional strips to simulate depth but it is viewed as though above, as reading of the map or other viewing on pictogram or ideogram basis. This type of characteristics ( based mainly on arbitrarity approach) can t see as virtual simulation but like gloss of peculiar language.

Ivan Novosad works with pure colors because he is founding durable "on start" in the time of birth. Ancient or European Middle Ages art was in time of birth very colorful. There is not taken hold of the time which will hapens, patina which will settle. This all author leaves only to continuancy. He neither do not anticipate or does not accelerate (in contrast from group of existencional displays). Author creates thing in ideal status without pictorial improvements. His works as though had encoded certain "no time" but this is not possible in reality. This status of spawning can be very thankful for viewers and it is promise of conceptuality such activity. Author expresses clearly together with stigmality and strukturality. Figures always compose certain assemble with shapes point to recemble visualisation of mathematical rightfulnesses (similar in work of Zdenek Sykora).

However paintings are not calculated but intuitive how indicate remarkable process its origin. From petty sketched remarks on border of paper sheets (with mathematical and analytical notes ) are created enlargements and where are created color studies. For final realisation are choosen only some shapes and color events. Color interpretation of original "mini" motive is enchanted by metaphoric interpratation. Author selects names for his works to sketch shape or narative point.

There are some consideration about parallels with early European abstract avandgard wave, when many its representatives counts with tangible emotional meanings of individual shapes and color (Bauhaus ect.) But Mr. Novosad does not focus on thus precise tidings but he keeps his message more open to viewers individual intepretation. Revival of abstract painting is drift which we again meet in west art from 80th years of 20th century. Abstraction is not perceived as cosmology alone but as autonomous pictoral message and alternative to mass-media production which works with manipulative virtual representation.

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